Les Écréhous


Jersey's Offshore Islands    




Guarding the Union Jack

Take time to visit the group of islands and rocks called Les Écréhous which are situated 6 miles north east of Jersey and just 6 miles from France.  The islands belong to Jersey and are a part of the Parish of St. Martin.  We organise kayak trips to Les Écréhous.


Some of the rocky islands are submerged at high tide but the main islands have tiny fishermen's huts built on the rocks, which are only inhabited occasionally, probably because the islands have no fresh water supply. 


The tiny islands possess a unique charm and the water surrounding them is crystal clear and unpolluted.


The islands are called:

Maîtr'Île, 'La Marmotière', La Blanche Île, (These are the largest islands) and

Les D'mies,  La Grand' Naithe,

L'Êtchièrviéthe, Lé Fou, La Froutchie.


There is an old abbey on La Maître Ile, (Maîtr'Île) which dates back to the time when Les Écréhous were a part of France. 


The French quite recently invaded Les Écréhous! In 1993 and then again in 1994 a party came over from Normandy and raised Norman flags.  This was as a gesture indicating that they thought the tiny islands should be a part of France and also as  protest against Channel Island fishing regulations.  In 1993 they actually pulled down the Union Jack and when prior news of the "invasion" of 1994 reached the ears of Jersey, the Honorary Police of St Martin were there waiting guarding the flag.  All the French "guests" did was have lunch and one of the party, who was a Priest, said mass on the islands, creating a shape of a church using seaweed with which he also made an altar.


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