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Jersey's Natiure


Jersey's  situation - surrounded by the sea - and warm climate encourage flora and fauna unique to the island.  There are no dangerous snakes, foxes and only red squirrels!  The countryside can easily be explored by Cycling, Bush Walks and Bush Camps. The coast by Moonwalks, Coastal Traversing,  and the underwater life by Scuba Diving.


Jersey's Coastal Areas

The shores abound with rock pools and fascinating discoveries.  Moon Walks are an ideal opportunity to see the variety of marine life.  click here for information  Jersey sea birds include the Puffin which is sadly becoming a rarer site as well as gulls, cormorants and a variety of other birds.


Shell fish include the Ormer which is a small abalone found in the Channel waters living among the rocks and fast becoming rare so its fishing is controlled.  The ormer is a part of Jersey's heritage and as important to the island as its Jersey Cows, Jersey Royal potatoes and Jersey lillies.


The sea of course abounds with a huge variety of fish and shoals of dolphins which follow the boats.  Discover this by Scuba Diving - Click here for information


Wild Flowers and Plants

The cliffs to the north of Jersey are covered with heather and gorse and a variety of wild flowers such as the Jersey Orchid.  Jersey has areas that are micro climates that encourage lush plant growth.  There are woodland areas, the sand dunes and grass lands of St. Ouen



The Agile Frog is unique to Jersey and great efforts are being made to ensure its conservation.  Other reptiles are the common toad - called a Crapaud and is a friendly nickname for Jersey people.  Lizards - such as the Green Lizard and Wall Lizard.   The island is a home to many varieties of butterflies and moths and bats.  Red squirrels live unchallenged by their grey counterparts. 


and of course the Jersey Cow


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